The Company

The power of experience.

Foras is a company that is specialised in designingmanufacturing and distributing electric pumps for water used in the domestic, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

Founded in 1990, Foras is backed by over ten years’ experience, which enables it to positively affect the most important sectors that use fluid handling systems, and meet most market requirements with ad hoc solutions.



Excellent value for money.
For over 10 years, Foras has met market demands with skill and speed by offering a complete range of customised solutions for any type of budget. discover more



Advanced production.
Foras designs and assembles its products in-house, investing in an R&D Department and production machinery updating. discover more



Quality and efficiency.
Foras offers a complete range of products that are rigorously tested, and its speed is a real customer service. discover more